Less than a week after the Victoria Day festivities had died down in my hometown of Nobleton, the next town over had decided to start up the oncoming fair season in the widely known across the township of King: Schomberg Fair.

Shortly after my activity in the previous fair, I was then heard of and asked to be a part of the Schomberg parade and fair, in which had also always been a big part of my childhood so hence of course I was more than thrilled to be asked to attend.

The Schomberg Fair for those who don’t know is a weekend long fair that is held right before summer starts in the arena of Schomberg. The event opens up with an early morning parade around town which then leads to the many rides, attractions and showings the fair has to offer. Tractor pulls, truck derbies and horse showings tend to be the showings, while Ferris wheels, fun houses and “scramble-your-brain” kind of rides entertain the forever young at heart. Families tend to come on out during the day before the excited teens come out to play at night- but young or old, everyone uses this event as a way to get together with friends and have a hollering good time.

My day started off with a bit of trouble with my ride to and from the fair, as well as my GPS leading me to a graveyard instead of the designated meeting spot for the parade. So nonetheless I was stressed, but just put on my crown, my sash and big smile and was on my way.

By the time I arrived, the butterflies had already begun to cause a nuisance in my stomach out of excitement.

I discovered I’d be riding with our town’s head firefighter in his 2005 red Thunderbird…I was thrilled. He proved to be an amazing man with a great taste in country music; hence instantly it was meant to be a good day.

The little girls once again were in awe of my crown and the parents were always joking around with impersonating queen waves; everyone was having a blast.

After the parade I got the chance to meet up with the Schomberg Teen Ambassadors and we performed our opening speeches together to commence the beginning of the fair. That day I met the mayor and everyone on council; they were more than welcoming to me, it was great.

I quickly ran down afterwards to the daycare down the street from the fair where I had promised I would meet some little children; they were adorable. The little girls questioned me with my duties of being a “princess”, and the little boys were almost too shy to say hello, but waved shyly from behind the teacher’s legs.

From there on I went and visited some previously well-known businesses in Schomberg before returning to the fair whereas to I spent the rest of my day with my lovely Schombergians. It was a miraculous day!

Written by: Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

3 Responses to A Day Trip to Schomberg-ia!

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Shelby-lyn. ditch the opening hello line- remember this is a magazine. Add pictures pictures pictures and dont forget categories and keyword tags, links and headers. too

  2. choline says:

    salutations from over the sea. excellent article I must return for more.

  3. Sounds like a great day Shelby-Lynn! The little girls never get old 🙂 See you soon!

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