Daring to Dream Means….

Daring to dream means taking a chance on your greatest ambitions. It means reaching for the top knowing you could risk falling. It means believing you have the power to succeed. It means not letting anybody stand in your way or keep you down. It simply means embracing who you are and letting yourself shine. The knew series airing on HBO this Fall follows the life of a nineteen-year-old girl who dares to do the impossible -following her dreams no matter what.

Taking on the City

Christina Dare a first-year nursing student at Ryerson University taking on the big city. She has moved from the country into the vibrant city of Toronto with her big sister, Maria, her sister’s husband, Mike Mumbles, and her twin sister, Veronica.  Christina has been waiting for this opportunity her whole life and now that she’s university student, she has finally received the chance to be apart of the city life and getting to the top.

The Sisters

Maria looks after her younger sisters, but Christina and Veronica try to watch what they do and say so that big sis doesn’t report back to the parents about their city-mischief. Too many wrong moves means no more city life. Mike only offers his incredibly dry sarcasm in times of need for Christina and her twin which often causes frustration. Veronica is also Christina’s witty companion who tends to run into embarrassing situations quite frequently. When Christina runs into even stickier situations herself, Veronica offers her straight up advice with no sugarcoating -she is also referred to as the pessimistic realist….she’s sad but so true…

Christina in the City

When she isn’t attending class, Christina is out and about Toronto performing her music, writing new songs, looking for good live acts, modeling on the side and seeking out adventure or romance (or romantic adventures). She is on a mission to be discovered for her music. She is throwing herself to the sharks and showing the city of Toronto everything she has to offer through her style and her music.

She is daring to take on the impossible task of just being completely herself in the city. Being a nursing student, getting lost in the big Tornto, running into dangerous mishaps, making interesting friends, being apart of fashion photo shoots and playing her guitar all make up her typical day. Christina loves her new life and wants to make the most of it. She won’t let anything stand in the way of making her dreams become a reality.

Christina is daring to dream and daring to live her dreams.

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