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So I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything. Since MTC-W I’ve been superbusy with getting my life back in order. I’m preparing for school in September, catching up with friends before we all go our own ways after the summer, finishing my last weeks of work and helping with my sister’s wedding plans. I am a perfectionist and don’t like posting a blog until I believe it’s my best. I have three drafts written out of all the events of the pageant week. I promise I will finish and post them soon!

About Harmony Phi

Spirals of Phi are found in a sunflower!

So as a quick post, I want to talk about Harmony Phi. At Miss Teen Canada-World, all the 74 delegates were each generously presented with a beautiful Harmony Phi pendent. I personally love the necklace and its meaning and have been wearing it since I’ve received mine. Harmony Phi is a collection of jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature found in the Golden Ratio and the spirals of Phi. Interestingly enough, the spirals of Phi are a reoccurring pattern found throughout nature in sunflowers, seashells and even in the shape of our own galaxy. Together, the Golden Ratio and the spirals of Phi have a powerful message which speaks of our connection to the natural world and our appreciation for its beauty.  The four spirals in the pendent represent earth, wind, fire and water. In nature, this represents the harmony created between theses four elements. The pendent includes a little drop of 24kt gold to symbolize that the beauty of nature is found within the centre of the Earth.

Pretty cool, huh?

And so…

Thank you Harmony Phi for the gorgeous pendent!

In the big gift bag of goodies each delegate received after the pageant, this was my favorite thing. Check out the Harmony Phi website http://www.harmonyphi.com/ and take a look at the rest of their jewelry selection! It’s a beautiful collection with a beautiful concept.

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