A dream TV show..hmm.. now there’s something people like me think about on a day to day basis…haha…drama kids, what you gonna do right? Anyways, after close consideration of all of the possible genres out there, and company sponsorships, I thought; what could coincide? Okay, so we’ve got all kinds of different sponsors for this pageant, but what I personally noticed is that many of the sponsor’s companies have to do with beauty. I mean, go figure, a beauty pageant being sponsored by beauty essentialist companies, yeah not that far out there.

Now the best thing to do when faced with a bunch of hair stylists, makeup artists, dress stores, etc, is to quite frankly have a show that involves a full body makeover; and that’s where all of the companies would come in. Aveda Institute and John Frieda would be where the hair makeovers would start, using tools of course, from the Goody hair line. Then we move to the face; this is where Bioré would come in and work their magic on getting rid of the faces imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, etc. Then MAC would do their part to use their products in the show to bring out the inner beauty of the contestants, followed by a full body makeover by Stephanie Joanne as a personal fitness trainer, including a clothing makeover supported by Sallazzo, Christina Swimwear, and Bells & Bows. While the back drop of the show would be supported by S-Trip and all of their many vacation spots on which the show could be hosted. Though the main idea of the show would be supported by Burman Books, turning their words to actions, as this show would be all about raising the self-confidence of the teens that attend it.

And now that we have all of the sponsorship details out of the way, I believe it’s time to announce the MAIN IDEA. This would be a television show that in a general outlook would almost be like a rehab for teenagers, though not in the sense of drug or alcohol addictions. This would be a resort where teens with obvious self esteem, confidence, or really any other kind of common condition as such could come to conquer their personal obstacles with me as the host of course. The girls who wear too much makeup to cover the scars of their early childhood, or the girl who eats at her feelings, this would be the place to come for recovery. The clinic/resort would be set up at a beautiful remote destination where the girls could be flown too, supported of course by S-Trip, so that all the while they are getting the help they need, they are also in a relaxed and beautifully enriching environment. With help from the Burman Books company, therapists and such staff would be hired to try to get to the bottom of these common teens with common problems that it seems most adolescents are facing. While the beauty and fitness crew would be there to help the young girls or boys to overcome appearance hurtles, and give them a new start to a new world (whether through less makeup, non-purple hair, or cases where girls don’t wear enough clothing, etc.). Then after the participants had been completely healed and able to stand on their own two feet again, they would be sent back to their families, with regular phone calls every two weeks from the clinic.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the physical makeovers they see on television, but I know that for a fact, everyone loves seeing someone have a mental makeover when its for the good; especially when it comes to teenagers who are looking for as much help to settle their own adolescent problems without having to go public about them. The mix of extreme makeovers, with the fact that the drama and actions that go on without the resort would most likely turn the show into a new kind of  teen soap opera that I think all adolescents out there are craving.

Written by: Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

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