Hmmmm… where would I go on a dream vacation? To be honest it’s not really a question that I would usually have answer for; as it’s not something I usually have time to just sit down and think about, as it is with most people I would assume. But upon a few days of thought I have managed to discover two things: one, that I most likely have ADHD, and two, that I am an absolute hopeless romantic until the end of my days. And therefore discovered that if I had an airplane under my control, without a second thought, I would point the plane’s nose to the East, and head off to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy.

Personally, I get enough of the waves and the sun in the summer here up at my boat, and enough of the mountains and ski tracks in the Ontario winters, but Venice…Venice is just as beautiful  at any point in the year. So nonetheless, I would rather get the opportunity to bask in the architecture, art, food and fashion that Venice has to offer much more than going to a tropical destination and getting attacked by a sunburnt iguana.

Venice secretly has always been a dream of mine, and needless to say it has very easily made its way to the top of my very long bucket list. I mean, how could it not, how could a person possibly give up on visiting The Floating City, or miss a chance at a gondola ride down the Grand Canal? Venice isn’t really the ideal place to party, nor is it a place to chill on a beach, but Venice holds some of the most beautiful “must-see” things that Italy has to offer within its grounds. This is a place where it would be a blessing to get lost amongst the streets, just to get to discover the beauty withheld there.

An experience in Venice alone however, like most anything else, can be very lonesome, and may require the assistance of your friends to make the trip a time to remember. In my life I do, like everyone else out there have those “party friends” or the “get bored easily friends” who I think Venice might have the ability to bore. But my artistic friends; the actors, the singers, the musicians, the artists; these, these are the people who would probably give their left arm to even enter Venice for a day, and that is why this group of friends, are considered my best friends.

Besides the ever famous Venice designer clothing stores, the places we would visit…gosh I get excited just thinking about it…but the places we would visit would range pretty greatly. From the gorgeous St. Mark’s Basilica, to walking along the Doge’s Palace Bridge of Sighs, to getting to embrace St. Mark’s Square at night, when the people are all gone and the streetlights are up. But as an Italian girl, I would never give up the chance to window shop the Rialto Market right beside the Rialto bridge- a famous fish market that examples how the real Venetians get their food supply…as Venice isn’t very “grocery store oriented”. And besides the art in the museums (such as the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni museum which houses art done by Picasso, Pollock, and Calder…some of my favourite artists), the creativity of the Venetians spreads all the way to the streets of Burano Island. Taking a vaporetto down to Burano Island to me is a must see. There in Burano it’s almost as if the conformity we live in and experience here today doesn’t exist on there streets. Not only is it less crowded than Venice, but its multi-coloured, almost cartoon-like buildings are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Taking a trip by yourself can be an experience… sure, but I wouldn’t dare take this trip without my best friends at hand. The plane rides would be more exciting (…all of us even being in the same room is a pretty good time, especially when my friends are the kind who can make a party out of any situation the hold within their grasp), and the beauty of Venice shared is something that we would all remember for the rest of our lives as something that bonded us together in the best way it could. The dinners would be remarkable, the museums would be astounding, but Venice wouldn’t just help to make my friendship with these remarkable guys and girls grow stronger…our friendship would make Venice stronger.

Who wouldn't want to go for a gongola ride??

Written by: Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

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