Welcome friends and unknown amigos to my first adventure into the world withholding a title far more exciting and longer than the one I had currently possessed.
Two weeks ago I had the very honor of being part of an event in which as a child I had always visited but never been a part of. I am referring of course to my hometown’s annual Victoria Day celebrations, which have always been a tradition in my family and elementary school to attend to.
My schedule for Monday, May 21st prior to this year has never been a simple “sleep in, vedge on the couch; kind of P.A. Day”. I’d get out of bed nice and early, eat my Special K and be on my way to the first event of the day; 11 am: the parade.
The Parade has always been one of those events in which nothing could hold me back from, especially not bad old Mother Nature; not rain, nor scorching heats could hold me back from watching those amazing floats go by, the kids throwing candies, or the beautiful people riding in antique cars. I always believed that to be in this parade, you had to be important enough to the community and the people in it, to be a part of it, and to be a good role model to the little ones who were always there to watch so eagerly.
I never would have thought I’d get to be in it, let alone have the honor of riding in a beautiful red Camaro with two wonderfully lovely and witty ladies as my drivers. For the time we drove around Nobleton, the people I saw and the way they opened their arms to me so eagerly warmed my heart to the very core. Though I have always been an active member of the community, and helped wherever I could, it’s not like you’ll ever meet the entire population, but boy they’d never treat you as a stranger. Everyone young and old was more than happy to say hello or even just wave to the new girl now sitting on the back of a car with a sash and a crown. Little girls called me “a real life Princess”, while Little boys thought I was Queen Victoria…I think the boys have been a tad misinformed though haha. At that moment, what had once gone as a fun and neat thing to be for a year…suddenly got so much deeper…
After the parade, a fair is held in the middle of town where local venders sell their goods and children play in fun houses and run around. As a kid I would never dream of missing the opportunity to see all of my classmates, new and old, having a blast at this fair. This year however was a whole new kind of unfamiliar and exciting. Everywhere I’d go there would be a family of the town I’d never met before who would want a picture with me, or just to shake my hand in congratulations. Parents asked if I could hug their children, and children asked just to meet me. By the end of the day I was so used to shaking hands and kissing babies that I really felt like some sort of celebrity.
The night ends with fireworks…beautiful fireworks…
And by the end of the night…I rediscovered how wonderful the people in my town truly are, and even discovered some things within myself.
Like how amazing it feels to become a child’s role model.
Or how incredible it is to take part in something you never dreamed you could have accomplished as a child.
And finally…what an honor it is to be in the position I am.

As the car dives through the street, and children look up at you with that smile of utter respect and hope, the only thing you can feel is honor and pure joy in knowing that that little girl just thinks the world of you…

Written by: Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

My name is Shelby-Lynn Prioriello, I am 16 years of age, and recently was given the title of Miss Teen King Township-World in the provincial Miss Teen Canada-World round for being one of the finalists. I’m from a small horse ranch in Nobleton, and have lived there most of my life. I am a goal oriented high school student with big plans for my future, I have a positive outlook on life and try to help my community in every way I can. I entered this pageant because I wanted to prove that a girl from a small town, on a small farm, could get out there and make a difference in her community, and quite possibly the country.

I am a head drama student at my school, and have always been interested in the arts and literature. My personal life consists of horse back riding, boating, swimming, singing (classical), writing poetry, and several different types of aerobic activities.

I don’t look at this pageant as a chance to be crowned “the prettiest”, I look at this pageant as a way to get out and try to do something amazing for the rest of the country. As one person, you may not have the power to make a big change, but that’s only when you’re alone, as soon as you get the power to bring people together, you have the ability to fix whatever you need to in this world. The platform that I’ve chosen to bring attention to is the ending of bystander apathy; the bystander effect is something that has affected us all at some point, whether in the form of high school bullying, or in the severe case of a serious murder in which no one calls for help. I believe that if someone needs help, we shouldn’t be afraid to give it.

I look very much forward to blogging with you and sharing my experiences this year whilest I get the privilege to hold my title. Talk again soon 🙂

This post was retroactively sponsored by a Toronto roof refit company and directbuy north.

All the best,

Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

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Hey everybody!

When it’s a hot summer’s day, what better way to cool off than with a delicious home made popsicle? When using ingredients right from your fridge, your homemade posicle is a healthier alternative than the conventional box of popsicles from the frozen section. I am in love with my Vita-Mix and the many versatile ways it can be used to create healthy treats such as fresh juices, smoothies and popsicles. I use it for all my summer treats!

Why have Dairy Queen's calory filled Earthquake Brownie ice cream as a summer treat when you can make a simple easy ice treat right in your kitchen!?

The other night my dad treated me and my brother to a massive Dairy Queen icecream. It made me break out on my face and didn’t make me feel so well later on.  Here is a popsicle recipe I made up on the top of my head by just using whatever was available in my kitchen. There is no need to add sugar because the fruit is already so sweet. This is a super healthy treat, especially if you use seasonal and local fruit. I am using Ontario peaches in this recipe because they are in season and so delicious!  I am also using Liberte yogurt which is organic and also great for you! So here’s the recipe if you’d like to try it out for yourself! Remember, the fresher the fruit, the better! Believe me to…this is way more satisfying and rewarding than a DQ icecream!

Christina’s Summer Sunshine Smoothie Sweetness

Preparation time: A few hours!

You will need:

  • Blender
  • Popsicle mold
  • Freezer (duh!)


  • 2 fresh bananas
  • 3 fresh oranges
  • 3 fresh peaches
  • 1/2 cup strawberries (I used frozen, but fresh is better!)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 ice (preferably crushed if your freezer can do it)

*The order you add the ingredients into the blender matters so pay attention!

  1. Add the ice, the yogurt, the strawberries, the oranges and finally the bananas into the blender.
  2. Blend for 3o seconds to a minute until the consistency is like a smoothie. I use a Vita-Mix blender because it is super fast and precise, but any blender should be just as  fine. The colour of the smoothie mix should be a nice orangy-pink.
  3. Pour the mix into the popsicle molds.
  4. Leave in the freezer until…it’s frozen!


  • Best enjoyed outdoors in the sun!
  • When removing the popsicles from their mold, run it under hot water to loosen them out. Time saver!

Onyx Containers

Onyx Containers Popsicle Mold! I want one!

I’m hoping my recipe is worthy of the awesome stainless steel popsicle molds that our new sponsor, Onyx Containers is shipping next month to all the 2011 Miss Teen Canada-World bloggers who write about their popsicle recipe on their blog pages. My popsicle mold is over ten years old and made from plastic…I could use a new one!

The Onyx Containers popsicle molds are made from 18/8 stainless steel so it is a fast freeze mold, easy to use, easy to clean, and will last forever. It’s designed so that one popsicle can be removed (or re-filled) at a time and easily -unlike my plastic ones. Each set comes with one stand, 6 molds, 6 lids and 12 removable silicone rings. The rings ensure that the popsicle stick isn’t tilted or sunken.

All  the MTC-W bloggers are making a Squidoo lens called, Best Healthy Popsicle Recipes, http://www.squidoo.com/Best_popsicle_recipes to show off our creativity. Check it out!

And so…

Nom Nom Nom

This is a simple and fun way to enjoy the summer and all it has to offer! Remember, you can also just skip the popsicle part and enjoy the mix as a refreshing smoothie! It’s your turn to be creative and tweak the recipe with your own favorite fruit. Blueberries are good idea (just throwing it out there!). There are also plenty of amazing recipes online to try out for yourself!

Have fun and stay posted for some upcoming and exciting posts!

Until next time!


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Hey Everybody!

So if you’ve taken a peak at my blog before, you may have seen Lenzr pop up a bit. Lenzr is popular for their photo contests because they are a little challenging, but very creative. Take a look at their four current contests and enter for your chance to win some cool prizes!

Fireplaces and Furnaces:

The first contest is called Fireplaces and Furnaces.

Goal: Take pictures of you getting all cozy next to the fireplace. Show Lenzr how you’ll prepare to keep warm during the cold winter season.

Requirements: The picture must be taken indoors and it has to be in front of a fireplace or furnace.

Prize: The winner will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer. The summer season is the best time to get great deals on furnace replacement or installation!

Toronto Tourist Attractions:

Another photo contest on Lenzr is Toronto Tourist Attractions.

Goal: Think of your favorite Toronto spot, snap a photo of it and send it to Lenzr. This is your chance to show off what Canada’s largest city has to offer!

Requirements: The photo should look like the kind of picture you would see in a travel magazine.

Prize: The winner of this contest will receive an inflatable boat courtesy of a Toronto bed and breakfast. Relax in the heart of the city and let your troubles float away.

Haircuts and Hair Styles:

The next photo contest is all about hair Haircuts and Hairstyles.

Goal: Take a picture of your favorite hair cut and hair style and send it to Lenzr.

Requirments: Your hair has to be the focus of the picture. Do you love big curls, pin straight hair, high lights or up do’s?

Prize: A professional blow dryer and flat iron. The prize is courtesy of a Yorkville Salon.

Objects in Motion:

Last but not least, The Objects in Motion photo contest is the hardest photo contest of them all! It will require a lot of patience and creativity.

Goal: Submit Lenzr images of an object (or person or animal) in motion.

Requirements: Be sure your photo illustrates which direction the movement is heading.

Prize: The winner of this challenging contest will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an air freight company known for their quality and great service. They are is constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.

And so…

Be sure to enter your photographs before August 25th. Judges will deliberate and choose the photograph from the top ten. The winner will be announced on September 1st.

I’m thinking about entering  a few of these contests myself. I love photography and I could also use a laptop before school starts!

Good luck and have fun!

Until next time!

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Hey everybody!

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything. Since MTC-W I’ve been superbusy with getting my life back in order. I’m preparing for school in September, catching up with friends before we all go our own ways after the summer, finishing my last weeks of work and helping with my sister’s wedding plans. I am a perfectionist and don’t like posting a blog until I believe it’s my best. I have three drafts written out of all the events of the pageant week. I promise I will finish and post them soon!

About Harmony Phi

Spirals of Phi are found in a sunflower!

So as a quick post, I want to talk about Harmony Phi. At Miss Teen Canada-World, all the 74 delegates were each generously presented with a beautiful Harmony Phi pendent. I personally love the necklace and its meaning and have been wearing it since I’ve received mine. Harmony Phi is a collection of jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature found in the Golden Ratio and the spirals of Phi. Interestingly enough, the spirals of Phi are a reoccurring pattern found throughout nature in sunflowers, seashells and even in the shape of our own galaxy. Together, the Golden Ratio and the spirals of Phi have a powerful message which speaks of our connection to the natural world and our appreciation for its beauty.  The four spirals in the pendent represent earth, wind, fire and water. In nature, this represents the harmony created between theses four elements. The pendent includes a little drop of 24kt gold to symbolize that the beauty of nature is found within the centre of the Earth.

Pretty cool, huh?

And so…

Thank you Harmony Phi for the gorgeous pendent!

In the big gift bag of goodies each delegate received after the pageant, this was my favorite thing. Check out the Harmony Phi website http://www.harmonyphi.com/ and take a look at the rest of their jewelry selection! It’s a beautiful collection with a beautiful concept.

Until next time!


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Daring to Dream Means….

Daring to dream means taking a chance on your greatest ambitions. It means reaching for the top knowing you could risk falling. It means believing you have the power to succeed. It means not letting anybody stand in your way or keep you down. It simply means embracing who you are and letting yourself shine. The knew series airing on HBO this Fall follows the life of a nineteen-year-old girl who dares to do the impossible -following her dreams no matter what.

Taking on the City

Christina Dare a first-year nursing student at Ryerson University taking on the big city. She has moved from the country into the vibrant city of Toronto with her big sister, Maria, her sister’s husband, Mike Mumbles, and her twin sister, Veronica.  Christina has been waiting for this opportunity her whole life and now that she’s university student, she has finally received the chance to be apart of the city life and getting to the top.

The Sisters

Maria looks after her younger sisters, but Christina and Veronica try to watch what they do and say so that big sis doesn’t report back to the parents about their city-mischief. Too many wrong moves means no more city life. Mike only offers his incredibly dry sarcasm in times of need for Christina and her twin which often causes frustration. Veronica is also Christina’s witty companion who tends to run into embarrassing situations quite frequently. When Christina runs into even stickier situations herself, Veronica offers her straight up advice with no sugarcoating -she is also referred to as the pessimistic realist….she’s sad but so true…

Christina in the City

When she isn’t attending class, Christina is out and about Toronto performing her music, writing new songs, looking for good live acts, modeling on the side and seeking out adventure or romance (or romantic adventures). She is on a mission to be discovered for her music. She is throwing herself to the sharks and showing the city of Toronto everything she has to offer through her style and her music.

She is daring to take on the impossible task of just being completely herself in the city. Being a nursing student, getting lost in the big Tornto, running into dangerous mishaps, making interesting friends, being apart of fashion photo shoots and playing her guitar all make up her typical day. Christina loves her new life and wants to make the most of it. She won’t let anything stand in the way of making her dreams become a reality.

Christina is daring to dream and daring to live her dreams.

Brought to You by…

This new upcoming hour-long series based on the real life events of the young Christina Da Re will be premiering this Fall on HBO. Sponsored in part by:

Goody http://www.goody.com
Rimmel http://www.rimmellondon.com

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Hey everybody!

Wow! I can’t believe it! It’s Friday, July 8th! The night before the most exciting week of my life begins! I’ve been anticipating this week for months, but it arrived so quickly. I have no clue where time has gone…

So I’m preparing now for Toronto. My room looks like my closet has just thrown-up, but I’ve somehow succeeded to fit everything into one big, fat, bulging suitcase. I will have to leave some things behind unfortunately. I sincerely hope I don’t leave anything behind though! But, during all of the packing process I’ve been asking myself, “Since when did I become so high-maintenance?” I have so many dresses, a cosmetic box with virtually everything one’s face would ever need, beauty products of all kinds, clothing for every occasion and so many SHOES! It’s insane actually.

All in all, I’m so excited for Miss Teen Canada-World that words cannot even begin to explain. However, I’m a little nervous just because I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I know it’s going to be a life changing experience which I’ll remember forever.

Anyways, let’s get on with the lovely thank yous to those who have made this experience possible.

Big Thank You To:

My Sponsors who have helped in making everything possible during my preparations for Miss Teen Canada-World.

Also to my fans (aka, my family and friends) who have encouraged me and kept me confident through out this whole thing. In times of doubt, you guys are always there for me and have kept me going. Wouldn’t be here without you all. Everybody I love has been a possibly influence on me throughout the past year and have helped shape me into the person I am today. I would do a shout out, but I’m afraid of leaving somebody out -that’s how many people have been such great supporters!

And so…

I have to get some beauty rest for tomorrow. Not only am I going to Toronto to meet up with 75 of Canada’s most beautiful girls, but I’m also going to be attending a beautiful wedding ceremony. Isn’t that a great start to a great week?

I will also be posting a new and creative article very shortly for my last of the three MTC-W blogging assignments. Stay tuned!

And don’t forget to vote for me starting Saturday, July 9th to Saturday July 16th at http://www.missteencanadaw​orld.com/mtcw-finals/final​ists. Be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation link or else your vote won’t count! The girl with the most votes will be fast tracked into the top 20!

Nighty night!

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A Little Bit About Free the Children

Free the Children

One April morning in 1995, twelve-year-old, Craig Kielburger, was flipping through the pages of the Toronto Star newspaper when he was suddenly struck by an article about the murder of a Pakistani boy named Iqbal Masih. The boy was a factory worker who had brutally  spent six years of his life chained to a carpet weaving loom. After a hard battle to speak out against child labour in his country, Iqbal was murdered at the young age of twelve. This inspired Kielburger to gather a few of his grade-seven classmates and create Free the Children. With the powerful message to free children of poverty, exploitation and the belief that they are powerless to create positive change, Free the Children now has over one million youth involved in innovative education and development programs in over 45 countries. This organization empowers, engages and educates youth in developed countries to be the change needed to support the youth in developing countries.  Today, Free the Children is now the largest network of children helping children through education.

Miss Teen Canada -World and Free the Children

Miss Teen Canada-World supports FTC

As I may have mentioned before, Miss Teen Canada-World has a charitable alliance with Free the Children. As a prerequisites into the final pageant, each delegate is required to raise a minimum of $400 for Free the Children. The winner of MTC-W and the delegate who raises the most money for her Free the Children fundraiser are awarded a trip to Kenya. Last year, the MTC-W delegates collectively raised a total of  $73,000 for the cause and over $49,000 the year before that. With that said, I hope we can surpass our goal again and raise even more for 2011!

A Little Bit About Me To We

Me to We is Free the Children's one of many partners

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise co-founded by Craig Keilburger and his brother Mark which offers goods and services such as sweatshop-free clothes, books and music. They also offer socially conscious media, environmentally friendly products, motivational speakers leadership training and traveling experiences. Me to We’s believes in taking today’s average consumer and transforming them into world changers. Me to We uses the best of business practices and charitable impact and brings them together to create a better way of life. Me to We encourages people of all ages to adopt the lifestyle change that needs to be made in order to create a more just and humane world today. Here are some of the environmental and social impacts which Me to We has made possible last year:

  • Saved 208,037 gallons of water, 12,631 pounds of solid waste, 454 trees and 43,194 pounds of greenhouse gases by printing Me to We books on recycled paper.
  • Planted more than 92,000 trees to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Inspired 275,000 people through speeches, books, leadership programs and workshops.
  • Made it possible for 1,300 people to donate 145,600 hours of volunteer services on life-changing Me to We trips to developing countries.

And it doesn’t end there! This social enterprise is also a close partner to…Free the Children!

Me to We’s Best Friend: Free the Children

Free the Children and Me to We emerged together through the philosophy that the choices we make everyday can change the world. Like Free the Children, Me to We wishes to make a positive change. Me to We has developed an effective model for creating the social change needed today by using the same ideology as Free the Children. Almost everything Me to We does is in support of Free The Children’s projects at home and even abroad. Me to We holds trips with volunteers to build schools and also present speakers and leadership facilitators to spread the message for positive actions and global change.

Me to We also shows great support for the work of their charitable partner by donating half of their net profit to Free the Children. Last year alone, Me to We donated $1 million to Free the Children! The donations from Me to We are used to help offset expenses such as Free the Children’s administrative costs. By gradually lowering these costs, Me to We hopes that in a few years, every dollar raised for Free the Children will 100% go directly towards the projects they are working to support. Me to We hopes to create the social movement needed to inspire the same beliefs which Free the Children encourages. One benefits from the other by having the same ideology and through mutual support.

Me to We Style

I highly suggest checking out Me to We Style. They have an incredibly cute selection of clothing for both men and women. One of my sponsors, Nature’s Emporium, supports Me to We Style by selling some of their cute, environmentally friendly and sweatshop free apparel. They also donated a Me to We t-shirt for my fundraising raffle for Free the Children! For a their promotional event, they also purchased custom Me to We promotional t-shirts for the employees. See how easy it is to get involved with this new social change?

Me to We Style attire also follows a strict process to produce its ethical clothing line. The cotton  is organic and grown by farmers in ethical working conditions. There are no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides used either. Less water is also used to grow the cotton because organic soil retains more water than non-organic soil. The cotton is processed and spun in a clean facilities and then imported into Canada. The cottons are turned into yarn, dyed with environmentally friends dyes and made into clothing by Canadian workers. The best part…Me to We clothing is made in Canada and 50% of the the sales go to Free the Children!

One of many t-shirts sold in the Me to We Style store

And So…

Now you know about one of Free the Children’s biggest corporate partners. I believe Me to We is a very creative enterprise which supports positive ideals that should be encompassed in everybody’s day-to-day lives. Free the Children is also an important charity which I believe the youth of today needs to carryout a positive influence on the world. Together, Me to We and Free the Children can create something big (bigger than what it is now) and can truly create the positive change we all wish to see happen in the world today.

Until next time!


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Hello and welcome to King Township! I’m Christina and I will be your tour guide! I’ve lived in King for over fifteen years, and as Miss Teen King Township it is my honor to take you around my lovely hometown. Before we begin our journey, let’s run down some basic facts:

Map of King Township within York Region

King is a township within the regional municipality of York Region and about a 45 minute drive north of Toronto. It’s 128.6 square miles and has a population of over 20 000. King was created in 1794 and is named after Major John King, a parliamentary under-secretary of state from the United Kingdom. Geographically, most of King is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, which is the origin for the headwaters of many rivers including the Humber River. King is rich of real history and beautiful nature. King Township is best known for it’s picturesque countryside, beautiful golf courses such as Carrying Place Golf Club and Cardinal Golf Club, adventurous trails, prestigious horse farms and so much more! It’s a perfect and quick getaway for anybody who appreciates the great outdoors!

Heritage Sites

King Christian Church

There are many landmarks around King that have been declared  Heritage Sites under the the Provisions of The Ontario Heritage Act. The early settlers of King Township were hard working and religious people who built quite a few little churches around the area. Among those churches are the King Christian Church, built in 1851 by a group from the Sharon Temple Quakers. Next to

The King Station

this church is another designated Heritage site, King Station. This train station is the oldest surviving railway station in Canada. King Station witness the inaugural run of Ontario’s first steam locomotive, “Toronto”.  Unfortunately, this train station is no longer in use -but there is a GO station situation just five minute away from this site! Beside both these sites, there is the King Township Museum where many more interesting history and facts about this area can be found!

Trails in King

Walking the King City Trail

Now let’s head for the real outdoors! If you are a hiker or simply enjoy being outside, then King is the right place for you! Located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, King is full of many trails and paths located within old growth forests and kettle lakes. With a diverse amount of flora and fauna, there are many opportunities to take great photographs while experiencing King’s beautiful trails -so don’t forget your camera! For those active and daring people out there, the Oak Ridges Trail Association has an annual adventure hiking relay event. However, before heading out to enjoy King’s trails, be prepared and also cautious of noxious weeds and poisonous mushrooms.

The Oak Ridges Moraine

Loving the beauty of the Oak Ridges Moraine

Loving the Oak Ridges Moraine

As I’ve mentioned before, the majority of King Township lies on the Oak Ridges Moraine. The Oak Ridges Moraine is a landscape which covers 190,000 hectares of land in southern Ontario and stretches 160 kilometers from the Trent River to the Niagara Escarpment. It crosses 32 municipalities and is home to over 300,000 people and nearly 5 million people living near by.  The Moraine is a remnant of the last ice age and is estimated to be 12 000 years old! It also is the main source of 65 major streams and rivers in Ontario and provides clean water to private and municipal wells for millions of people (which includes me!). It is also home to many natural habitats and an important groundwatter recharge system for southern Ontario (which could include you!)

As a residence of King, I am most proud about the natural beauty that surrounds my area because of the Oak Ridges Moraine. This is what makes King’s trails as beautiful as they are, the country drives enjoyable, the flora and fauna flourishing and King Township a wonderful place to live. However, what hurts me is seeing the residential and commercial development occurring in King. I remember seeing only fields, forests and rolling hills while driving around my area -today, it’s a different story. The increased population of King Township increasing has not come without its price.  Although these developments are under boundaries and regulations, I believe we should not be building vast amounts of houses and buildings over the Oak Ridges Moraine at all. The ecosystems it houses are so delicate and we should not jeopardize or disturb them in any way.

The Holland Marsh

On a hill with the Holand Marsh right behind me!

Do you love fresh food? I know I do! Another interesting aspect of King is the Holland Marsh, an 8,000 hectare wetland and a very important agricultural area of southern Ontario. It is also commonly known as “Ontario’s vegetable basket” for its variety and vast amounts of fresh produce. I live close to a farmer’s market which sells seasonal produce grown right in the Marsh. I believe it’s important to incorporate as much local food into our diets as possible.

Carrying Place

Carrying Place symbol

Caring Place (my area of King) is a very lovely part of the hamlet, Kettleby within King. This area of King used to be a part of a major portage route in Ontario. Back in the day (like, 16th and 17th century), there were a few significant people who used this long route, such as Champlain and Etienne Brule (what champs). Around the Carrying Place Manor is the perfect place to go bike riding and I often walk along the Carrying Place Golf Clubtrails. With the rolling hills and lush nature that surrounds this area, it’s truly a beautiful landscape and even more beautiful place to live -take it from me!

Famous Places, Famous People

A few significant people who have lived in King Township include hockey players such as Jeff O’Neill, Curtis Joseph, Wendel Clark, Daniel Carcillo, Alex Pietrangelo, Rick Hampton, Adam Oates, Darryl Bootland, Mike Kitchen and Bill Kitchen. King is an area where one could easily skate on a pond near by -no wonder some many hockey players have come from this area. Equestrian Olympic gold medalist Eric Lamaze also resides in King. As far as I know, there are a few more famous people who live in this area, but since it is not listed on the Internet, I think they want to keep it on the down low…

Front Gates of the Marylake Augustinian Monastery (also a heritage site). Billy Madison's "Back to School" Scene was filmed here.

A few movies have also been filmed in King such as Homer, Billy Madison, Black Sheep, Lars and the Real Girls (it was a big deal when Ryan Gosling came to King), Billy Madison, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and many more. Certain heritage sites and even the King City Secondary School have been used for filming scenes.

Festival and Events

Onstage at the Schomberg Fair with the Fair Ambassador

King has a few notable events which attract people from all over. The most anticipated events include the Kettleby Fair, the Schomberg Fair and the Arts Society King. There are also events which are held to celebrate a certain season or holiday such as the Nobleton Victoria Day Fair and Schomberg Main Street Christmas parade.

And so…

This concludes our tour of the little King Township. It may seem like there’s not much here, but if you take the time to visit the heritage sites, shop in the Holland Marsh farmer’s markets, walk the trails and enjoy the country scenery…I think you just might like it. I know from personal experience that it’s a wonderful place to live. Living here has made me appreciate the nature which surrounds me and that it’s important to be environmentally friendly and caring.

Until next time!

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