Welcome friends and unknown amigos to my first adventure into the world withholding a title far more exciting and longer than the one I had currently possessed.
Two weeks ago I had the very honor of being part of an event in which as a child I had always visited but never been a part of. I am referring of course to my hometown’s annual Victoria Day celebrations, which have always been a tradition in my family and elementary school to attend to.
My schedule for Monday, May 21st prior to this year has never been a simple “sleep in, vedge on the couch; kind of P.A. Day”. I’d get out of bed nice and early, eat my Special K and be on my way to the first event of the day; 11 am: the parade.
The Parade has always been one of those events in which nothing could hold me back from, especially not bad old Mother Nature; not rain, nor scorching heats could hold me back from watching those amazing floats go by, the kids throwing candies, or the beautiful people riding in antique cars. I always believed that to be in this parade, you had to be important enough to the community and the people in it, to be a part of it, and to be a good role model to the little ones who were always there to watch so eagerly.
I never would have thought I’d get to be in it, let alone have the honor of riding in a beautiful red Camaro with two wonderfully lovely and witty ladies as my drivers. For the time we drove around Nobleton, the people I saw and the way they opened their arms to me so eagerly warmed my heart to the very core. Though I have always been an active member of the community, and helped wherever I could, it’s not like you’ll ever meet the entire population, but boy they’d never treat you as a stranger. Everyone young and old was more than happy to say hello or even just wave to the new girl now sitting on the back of a car with a sash and a crown. Little girls called me “a real life Princess”, while Little boys thought I was Queen Victoria…I think the boys have been a tad misinformed though haha. At that moment, what had once gone as a fun and neat thing to be for a year…suddenly got so much deeper…
After the parade, a fair is held in the middle of town where local venders sell their goods and children play in fun houses and run around. As a kid I would never dream of missing the opportunity to see all of my classmates, new and old, having a blast at this fair. This year however was a whole new kind of unfamiliar and exciting. Everywhere I’d go there would be a family of the town I’d never met before who would want a picture with me, or just to shake my hand in congratulations. Parents asked if I could hug their children, and children asked just to meet me. By the end of the day I was so used to shaking hands and kissing babies that I really felt like some sort of celebrity.
The night ends with fireworks…beautiful fireworks…
And by the end of the night…I rediscovered how wonderful the people in my town truly are, and even discovered some things within myself.
Like how amazing it feels to become a child’s role model.
Or how incredible it is to take part in something you never dreamed you could have accomplished as a child.
And finally…what an honor it is to be in the position I am.

As the car dives through the street, and children look up at you with that smile of utter respect and hope, the only thing you can feel is honor and pure joy in knowing that that little girl just thinks the world of you…

Written by: Shelby-Lynn Prioriello

2 Responses to The Annual Victoria Day Celebrations of Nobleton!

  1. Mary Gretes says:

    i was there!!! you were amazing! good luck!

  2. chris nadeau says:

    What a wonderful depiction of all the wonders that filled you that day Shelby! I really felt like I was right there with you, yep, that’s me driving!! As I look at the precious pictures I have of you, it’s no wonder your life’s journey thus far is exactly as you describe. You were beautiful from the day you were born and always so humble, giving, passionate and compassionate but most of all you always embraced what is so precious yet often taken for granted…family, friends, animals, neighbours and giving back to the community. Cudos to your Mom & Pappa for the values they’ve shared with you! I miss being there, my 2nd home but I’ll see you all soon! Tickets are in hand!
    Luv, Nono

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